License Agreement

When purchasing an image from Alex Hallatt you will be bound by the following agreement:

Alex Hallatt - Purchaser's license agreement

Scope of license

Image User: xxxxx

Image(s): xxxxx

Use: Each license covers one of the following use categories:

Non-Commercial Forum / Social Media

Purpose: Indefinite use at one URL, where that URL is a page on a social networking website or a posting on a web forum.

Description: Forum/Social Media - Non Commercial: Use by a private individual, not for commercial gain, at one URL for an indefinite period, where that URL is a page on a social networking website or forum.

A social networking website is defined as a template-driven personal web page hosted within a larger webspace with a view to social networking, examples of such sites are or A web forum is defined as an internet based discussion group either accessible to the general public or limited to a specific group of users.

Your forum or social networking page may take advertising managed by the hosting website as a whole, but if advertising on it is managed by yourself and the resulting revenue earned directly by yourself, or the page is intended for commercial gain by promoting the writer's business or selling products or services, then this would constitute a commercial forum or social networking page and is not covered by this license.

Publication (if relevant): xxxxxx

Country of Publication / Use: Worldwide.

Credit required: Yes


Amount: xxxxxx per image.

When payable: xxxxxx.


Alex Hallatt grants the image user a non-transferable, non-exclusive right to copy the Alex Hallatt image(s) stated above onto their computer and to use the Alex Hallatt image(s) and any derivatives or copies (collectively, the "image(s)") on their personal or company computer(s). This license is valid only with respect to the image(s), provided the applicable license fee stated above is paid within the time period set out above.

This license grants the image user only use of the image(s) for the purpose stated above. The image user may not use the image for any other purpose without prior written agreement from Alex Hallatt.

The image user may not publish a modified version of the image(s) or any part of the image(s) without prior written agreement from Alex Hallatt. He/she may however modify the image(s) caption font to his/her satisfaction without prior agreement from Alex Hallatt.

The specified image(s) may not be sold or sublicensed alone or as part of any product other than the product/publication to which this license refers. Use of the image(s) on or in a product does not grant or purport to grant the right to duplicate or distribute the image(s) to any third party or end user.


Pornographic, defamatory, libelous or otherwise unlawful use of the image(s) is prohibited.

Where a credit is required, the following wording will be displayed in the immediate vicinity of the image(s): "".

All rights to the image(s) are owned by Alex Hallatt or the originator of the image and are protected by United Kingdom or appropriate local copyright laws, international treaty provisions and other applicable laws. The license will terminate automatically without notice from Alex Hallatt should the image user fail to comply with any provision of this agreement.

For reasons of satirical comment or parody, artists may occasionally include in a cartoon ("the work"), a trademark, trading name, individual's name, otherwise copyrighted term or a feature of the rights of publicity of an individual (collectively "third party intellectual property"). While Alex Hallatt has permission to license the original work, the permissibility of mentioning trademarks and other forms of third party intellectual property within the work depends on the specific use of the cartoon and the country/jurisdiction in which it is being used. Alex Hallatt can never be aware of all case law and statute in all countries, therefore ensuring that use of a cartoon incorporating such third party intellectual property is acceptable in any specific context is the responsibility of the licensee and Alex Hallatt does not give any warranty in this respect.

The image user shall, upon request provide a copy to Alex Hallatt of any publication containing image(s) licensed from Alex Hallatt.

NOTE: Any image licensed under a custom license agreement not listed above will be licensed under the pre-agreed terms.